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by | Apr 29, 2019

History in a few words

Your Travel Specialist since 1987 with own Icelandic Travel Products. The Icelandic and Swiss Family Business has been operated over decades and generations. The first Travel Agency was founded in our hometown Rudolfstetten in the year 1987. Today we are based in our home state (Kanton) Aargau. The founding member still remains a part of our team. We are very proud of our history.


Our strong points

  • We are a Swiss – Icelandic and know our countries by heart
  • Thanks to our long term experience we are able to offer customer oriented travel products that can be found online and offline.
  • We operate our own Motor Home and Camper rental in Iceland. The big variety of vehicle categories is unique in Iceland.
  • We offer our own accommodation
  • We have worked with handpicked Icelandic partners for a long time

Team Switzerland

Our fully authorized travel agency was founded in Switzerland. Both our sales team and the motor home rental “Camper King” are based in Sulz. From this location we plan and organize all our travel products.

The sales team works with Swiss precision and all our agents are Icelanders or have lived in Iceland for a long period. We want to be specialists that know the countries and how to use our products. We sell our dreams and passion.


Team Iceland

Booking with us automatically means that you will have support in Iceland during your travel. Our team in Iceland is based 5 minutes from the international Airport. That is where we operate the largest Camper & Motor Home Rental company in Iceland.


Good reasons to choose us

We are one of the oldest Travel Agency specialized for the wonderful destination Iceland and Switzerland.

For decades our agency has been owned by our family and remains independent.

You can trust our reputation and our travel Guarantee outlined in the section safety and trust. 

    10 good reasons to book through an agency


    1. Everything you can book online can also be booked through a travel agency, but not everything available in a travel agency can be found online.
    2. You can save credit card charges by booking comfortably by invoice with a travel agency.
    3. Hotel overbooked? Unsanitary Pool? Not a problem if you’re booking was made through a travel agency, which will see to it that you will receive a compensation for dissatisfaction.
    4. Your personal travel agent is familiar with the tour operators, airlines and hotels, which is how he knows what to recommend to you.
    5. If the travel agency has customer fund insurance, your paid money is insured. Your round-trip is guaranteed.
    6. Ash clouds? Cancelled flights? Disturbances at the destination? Your travel agency is contactable for all problems throughout the trip and will not leave you out in the cold/rain.
    7. Your travel agency has access to diverse booking channels, offering you all possible services best fitted for you.
    8. Do you need a day to think it over? Thanks to the special booking systems available in travel agencies, your travel agency can make provisional reservations for package tours, flight tickets, etc. –guaranteeing stress-free holiday booking.
    9. Apart from plane tickets, package tours, hire cars, holiday apartments and hotels, your travel agency also offers travel insurance.
    10. Last, but not least: If you should experience recurring problems with a product, the travel agency will assist you. 

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