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We are one of the experienced Travel Agent in Switzerland and have sold our products since 1987. Our customers come from all over the world and travel to Iceland and Switzerland.


We are absolutely committed to find quality products for our customers. Products with long-lasting ventures in mind. 

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Around Iceland

Most of our customers are traveling around Iceland in a Motor Home, 4×4 Camper or rental car. During the stay it is very interesting to find something to do. Fishing, Horse Riding, Dog Sledding, Kayaking, Hiking, Trekking, Snow Mobiles, Cave exploring, Surfing, Diving, Tours, Flights, Helicopter Tours and far more is on the list of our customers. 


Around Iceland

Especially our Car Rental customers are on the outlook for quality accommodations. Instead of pre-booking all nights it has become popular to plan the next day ahead. This gives our customers the opportunity to travel with the weather and stay longer or shorter in certain areas. 


We offer interesting and fast ways to book and pay for your product. We are a customer friendly travel agency and want to give our customers as much flexibility as possible. At the same time we do understand our suppliers needs and have worked with the same conditions for a long time.

  1. The customers books the product online and adds payment
  2. Our system generates a voucher with all information needed 
  3. You (our supplier) get an immediate information about the booking
  4. You have the option to get a PayPal payout after 30 days and always before providing the service
  5. The other option is to invoice us traditionally 
  6. We are used to receiving 20% commission 



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