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“The best on the market”, Camper iceland counts on ququq

Your camper in a minute

The Camping Module QUQUQ, produced and patented in Germany, is ideal for those who love free and spontaneous travel. Camper Iceland has been using the box in the rental fleet for many years and has since refrained from building its own. “The box can also be used outside the vehicle in good weather. It does not require a conversion of the damage to the vehicle leaves behind. When the vehicle is renewed we simply move the box and are ready to go again in 2 minutes. The QUQUQ Box combines kitchen, bed and storage space in a single box. Eifach e gueti Sach!”

Owning a QUQUQ box means being able to convert your own car into a camper within a minute. This solution is absolutely brilliant from our point of view. Much cheaper than a motorhome in purchase and maintenance. Much more comfortable than sleeping on the air mattress in a station wagon.



We have been representing the brand since 2016 and so far it is the absolute exception when a QUQUQ box is used on the market. In our shop you will find out what we have in stock and with a bit of luck it might have a used box after all. Instead, we want to inspire you to buy a new box that is tailored to your car.

I want a box

Write us a short e-mail with information about the vehicle and its details. We will immediately clarify which box fits and send you an offer. If you would like to see the box live before purchasing to get an idea of the excellent quality, please make an appointment with us. We always have boxes in stock!

Benefits of Camper Iceland

We know the boxes

We have been using the boxes since we are dealers in the rental fleet. From experience, it is very easy to see if the product is suitable for rental vehicles. Benefit from our experience!

Much more convenient

We organize the right box for you and talk to the manufacturer, whom we know well, so that everything fits. We organize the transport of the box to us where you can pick up the box. On request, we deliver to the doorstep.


Experience has shown that you can’t save money on direct orders anywhere abroad. On the contrary, you have all the effort. We take care of customs clearance and VAT for you.

Inspiration from customers

We had a visit from Australia and the QUQUQ Box has once again caused fascination. As a thank you we received this video that shows the box in use. Cheaper travel is not possible!

QUQUQ in the Mercedes Citan

The two music producers Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer set off with a Mercedes-Benz Citan and QUQUQ to the Swabian Alb to produce a song. The result is a beautiful photo story, a crisp video and a groovy song.

Mercedes G-Class

The QUQUQ camping box transforms the Mercedes G-Class into a camper with a bed, kitchen and storage space in 1 minute. Conversions to the vehicle are not necessary and the bed and kitchen are ready for use in no time.

“Are you wondering who this box is suitable for?

QUQUQ for globetrotters

Here today, tomorrow. Just always after the nose as it turns out …

without expensive motorhome and extra costs for taxes, insurance, repairs and parking.

to camp? Is uncomfortable and brings a lot of work in setting up and dismantling. Connect the cooker, roll out isomats, unpack sleeping bags, clean bags, etc.

Caravan? Braking when driving and urban traffic with an appendix is stressful. Also the small beach access and the gravel road in the mountains are hard to master.

With QUQUQ you can travel quickly and flexibly. In your own car, inexpensive and without parking problems.


QUQUQ for athletes

Surfing, biking, sailing, trekking, hiking, hang gliding, canoeing or mountaineering …

with full focus on nature and action. All the more great when overnight questions don’t matter.

Flexible over the weekend to meet competition and friends. In the evening, just stay where you are. No more getting in the car and driving to the accommodation.

Eat, drink and taste fresh air right at the lake, mountain or sea. Then sink to the thick mattress with heavy lead and sleep really well.

With QUQUQ you are fast and relaxed outdoors. And have it dry, warm and comfortable everywhere.


QUQUQ for Spontaneous

On weekends, just go to the sea. Unplanned and independent, without room bookings … this brings fun, saves money and a lot of checking. Especially since there is no need to search for camping equipment.

Relaxed to go to the party and stay there for a short time. A taxi is just as superfluous as discussing who is allowed to drink.

To the festival a little more comfortable. Without back pain from the isomat or clammy tent after a downpour. And the clearing out is also jerking off.

With QUQUQ you are fast and cheap. Because everything has its place and is ready to go in 1 minute.