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We build the future

The travel industry has changed tremendously since the 80ies. Back in the days, a travel agency organized the whole trip for the customer (B2C). With the introduction of the internet and the tools that came along with it, people started to book directly. Hence, a modern travel agency needed to provide a very special service to be interesting for the B2C market. In 2020 the travel marked collapsed due to governmental restrictions. In our opinion, the pandemic has forced the travel market to search for new solutions and adapt to a completely different market. Nordic Tours decided to completely adapt to the situation and invest in special travel products (companies) and assist these products to perform (B2B). 


Nordic Tours assists providers of travel products in product development and customer service. 


Success story

Nordic Tours became a partial owner of Camper Iceland in 2020. A wonderful travel product that was founded by our family over 20 years ago. Camper Iceland did a good job in the pandemic and completely changed from a Motor Home and 4×4 Camper rental company to being a Vehicle Dealership, garage and rental for the local market. That market has never been as strong as during the pandemic. In other words, Camper Iceland has never sold as many vehicles per year since it was founded. Now that the tourism is coming back, the company has added vehicles for rental purposes. The company stands strong and is ready for its customers with a renewed fleet and the best service on the market. 


We are looking for travel products

Do you own a travel service and want to grow faster? We are looking for companies to invest in and assist to make it a great brand.




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